Know How Investing in Mortgage Notes Can Earn You Millions

Investing in non performing mortgage notes or deeds of trust have turned out to be fruitful for many group and individual investors. Mortgage notes are promissory documents that state that the borrower officially mortgages his property against a loan and promises to pay scheduled monthly payments as per the note. Many banks and financers allow individuals to borrow money against a property they wish to buy or already own. This transaction is also known as ‘Seller Carry Back’. And a mortgage note becomes non-performing wherein the borrower is not paying scheduled monthly installments for more than 90 days and mortgage owner wishes to sell it off at cheaper rate.

This is where various loan acquisition companies grab the opportunity of buying mortgage notes at cheaper rates and earn millions out of them. While many companies have already earned hefty amount of money from non-performing notes, others strive to earn as well as help people to earn from these investment options. BKG Investments is a leading loan acquisition fund in California that has an efficient team of investors and financers who valuate mortgage notes as per the market research and sells them to investors at cheaper rates. The company is led by Mr. Ben Keisari who has more than 15 years of living experience of buying and selling mortgage notes and has worked with top real estate companies of California. He proudly owns BGK investments and assists many top financial institutions like Chase, Old Republic Equity Credit Services, Inc., Bayview Financial, United Mortgage Loan & Investment, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and PNC f.k.a. National City Mortgage. Precisely, BGK offers services in three major segments including secondary market investments, real estate and mortgage notes investments.

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