3 Ultimate Tips to Buying Mortgage Notes in California

Do you know how to make money selling and buying mortgage notes in California? Buying mortgage notes in California is a great way to invest in real estate. BGK Investments, the top mortgage brokers in California, share how you can earn money buying mortgage notes in California on non-performing loans.

Buying mortgage notes in California opens several options you can make money in. Since it is a non-performing mortgage, you will be buying mortgage notes in California at a lower price than what the property is worth. If the existing homeowners want to stay, but cannot afford the payments and are fine with a loan worth the house’s present value at a mutually decided interest, you lower their payments to what they homeowners can afford. Once they make three months’ worth of payments, they can refinance under HAFA at an even lower rate. In that case, you get your note paid off at present value which is more than what you paid while buying it and make a profit. To get great deals at buying mortgage notes in California, call BGK Investments in California, the leading real estate investments firm.

Long term hold on a non-performing note
Another way to make money on buying mortgage notes in California is to make them a performing note with a modification as described above and then hold the note. The homeowners will make their payments to you as long as they own the home. A performing note is much more valuable and you can sell it for a higher amount and make money. To understand further how to make money buying mortgage notes in California, seek the best investments firm, BGK Investments.

Short sale on a non-performing note
Upon buying mortgage notes in California, if the borrower wants out of the house, a short sale is the best option. Due to the low cost of the note, you would make a nice profit even after paying all the costs.

To get the best offers for buying mortgage notes in California, call mortgage experts, BGK Investments at 888-335-3139.

4 Things to Investigate Before You Invest in a Property

Investing in real estate can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Finding the right property and having the money to buy it are the first things that come to your mind when you think of buying a property. But there are several other very important things that need to be investigated before you put your money into a piece of real estate. The top real estate investigation service in California, Ben Keisari led BGK Investments, explain what all you need to know before you buy a property.


If you want to invest in a piece of real estate, you should do speak to the zoning officer of the local municipality. That would tell you if the way you want to use the property is allowed under the zoning ordinance. Find out if you need any permits or approvals; whether there are any existing problems or violations; and if there are any proposed developments in the area that may affect your property.  Real estate investigation service by Ben Keisari in California will help you unearth all such information so that there are no unpleasant surprises later.


Determine whether there are any restrictions upon the property such as easements through a title search at the county recorder of deeds. The best real estate investigation service in California, BGK Investments, can help you with this.


If your property is a part of a condo or homeowners association, you should understand all of the conditions, rules, and regulations of the association to know any restrictions the association places upon the property.


You should get the property surveyed so that you know everything there is to know about it and your investment stays safe. Ask for the best real estate investigation service in California, Ben Keisari led BGK Investments, at 888-335-3139 NOW.

6 Questions You Need to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

Before you make up your mind to buy an investment property, you should clearly understand your lender’s loan terms. What if you are assuming a down payment of 20%, only to find later that the lender is asking for 30% down payment? Knowing your lender’s terms well in advance saves you from such unpleasant surprises. The best mortgage brokers in California, BGK Investments, can help you understand the technical jargon that lenders often use.

To clearly understand the terms of the expected loan and the lender’s criteria and guidelines will enable you to assess your potential investment clearly, make sure you talk to the best mortgage brokers in California, such as BGK Investments, before you start making offers on real estate.

Which loan products are available?

Lenders could provide one or more of these loans: conventional, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac loans, FHA/HUD loans, bridge loans, and/or construction loans. The more options the best mortgage brokers in California can provide the better.

What are the basic terms for a typical loan?

Ask about the loan-to-value ratio that is going to be offered. Find out the expected rate of interest, term, and amortization. You also need to know whether the loan will be secured by collateral or your lender would ask for a personal guarantee.

What are the costs associated with the loan?

Understand the costs of third party reports, such as the appraisal, structural and environmental reports, and legal fees. There are often prepayment penalties if you decide to refinance or sell before the term of the loan. Go to the best mortgage brokers in California, BGK Investments, to get the best possible options.

Are there any net worth requirements?

Typically the lender will ask you to show liquidity of 10% of the loan and a net worth equal to the loan balance. There could be a reserve or minimum account balance pre-requisite. Some lenders may ask you to deposit a few months’ months of interest payments into an escrow account.

What are stable and distressed assets?

Generally assets, with less than 80% occupancy, may be considered distressed. The loan terms for both stable and distressed could be different. The best mortgage brokers in California, BGK Investments, specialize in mortgages for distressed assets.

How long does it take for the loan to reach you?

Normally loans take 45-60 days to close. Make sure you know the timeframe for this lender.

To understand how lenders treat each mortgage and work out the best possible solution for you, seek advice from the best mortgage brokers in California, BGK Investments.

3 Biggest Advantages of Investment in Multifamily Properties over Single Family Units in California

There has always been debate over investments in multifamily properties vs. single family investment in property in California. Leading California investment property broker, BGK Investments, explains why investors choose multifamily investment properties over single family units.

Obtaining a loan is an arduous process. But it is necessary if you want to make an investment in properties in California. Imagine applying for ten different loans, if you want to invest in 10 different properties. On the other hand, you can buy a 10-unit apartment building with just a single application and a single loan. The best mortgage broker in California, BGK Investments, can help you get the best mortgage on your investment properties.

You need just one insurance policy to cover your investment when you buy a multifamily property as compared to different policies and separate paperwork for each in single family units. The best California investment property expert, BGK Investments, can guide you in making the right decisions about investment properties in California.

Multifamily properties are valued differently than single family units when it comes to investment properties. The value of commercial properties depends on the return on investment they bring to their owners. This value depends on rental income and other variables that can be controlled internally. This makes the valuation more predictable that single units.

For great advice and investment properties deals, ask the best broker in California, BGK Investments and get great return on your California investment property.

3 Unbeatable Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Investigation Service in California

Whether you are a buyer or seller of real estate, information about the property, you are about to invest in, is important. Such transactions can be worth big amounts of money, sometimes running into millions of dollars. Information may not be readily available but real estate investigation service has trained professionals who can find out relevant and reliable information on the property you wish to invest in. The best real estate investigation service in California such as BGK Investments can help you verify a property before you put your money into it.

Real estate investigation service by BGK Investments in California can bring you a thorough investigation report on the property you wish to purchase. For example –

• Authenticity of documents
• Ownership of the property
• Marketability of the property
• Valuation of the property
• Property tax and assessment
• Proper approvals from authorities

BGK Investments’ real estate investigation service is an effective and discreet means of getting all relevant information about the property you want to buy. A team of highly experienced property investigators, led by Ben Keisari at BGK Investments in California get you information that allows you to make wise real estate investment decisions. This information can help you negotiate with the buyers.

Real estate investigation also helps you make informed decisions. For instance, what the neighborhood is like. Real estate investigation service from BGK Investments can get you information that is not usually disclosed. Investigate claims made by sellers before you actually buy.

Fulfill 8 Amazing Dreams by Selling Mortgage Notes in California

You may have heard of people selling mortgage notes entirely or partially, to fund immediate needs. That may leave you wondering if you should sell your mortgage note. The leading mortgage brokers in California, BGK Investments, led by Ben Keisari explain why people choose to sell their mortgage notes in California.

• To buy a new home or remodel an existing home
• To fund college tuition of their kids
• To pay for unexpected medical expenses
• To buy a vacation
• To fund a new business venture
• To invest elsewhere
• To buy a car or a boat
• To get rid of the hassles of managing the mortgage note

Upon selling mortgage notes in the secondary market, you get long-term fixed rates up to 30 years. While taxes and insurance could cause your payment to increase during the course of the loan, a fixed rate means that the principal portion and the interest will remain constant over time and that is a great advantage of selling mortgage notes.

When you choose selling mortgage notes to fund an urgent need, choose only the most reputed note buying company in California, such as BGK Investments. BGK Investments are the best people to ask if you are interested in selling mortgage in the secondary market. Besides hassle free dealing, you also get a timely analysis of your mortgage note and how to make it more valuable. Encino, California based BGK Investments buy your mortgage notes fully as well as partially if you are looking forward to selling mortgage notes in the secondary market.

3 Great Ways to Make Money Selling Mortgage Notes in California

Many people choose to sell their mortgage notes when they need cash. Selling mortgage notes in California is also a great idea if you want to fund another immediate need that requires cash. You may also choose selling your mortgage notes in California if you want to rid yourself of the risks associated with a mortgage note. BGK investments, leading mortgage notes buying and selling experts in California explain how to make the most of selling your mortgage notes.

Full Purchase
Selling a mortgage note is a full purchase when the holder sells all the remaining payments on the mortgage note. Selling mortgage notes in California with a full purchase allow the seller to be free of the risks of being the lender. The risks involved with the mortgage note are real estate depreciation, borrower not making payments or foreclosure. As the buyer is now going to take these risks, the sale of mortgage notes is done at a discount.

Selling mortgage notes in California can also be done partially. You may choose to sell only a part of the remaining term, say 60 months out of remaining 120 months. You would again get ownership of the mortgage note after 60 months.

The note seller and buyer may also choose to split the monthly payment. Selling of mortgage notes in California in this manner is called split partial. Since the buyer bears less risk, the seller would get more value as compared to the other two options.

To decide which option you would choose, BGK Investments advises you to consider the following before selling mortgage notes in California:

• How much cash you need?
• How much risk are you willing to assume?

4 Most Important Things to Know About Seller Back Mortgage

Seller carry back mortgage is a kind of financing that is used for real estate investments. It is the choice of the seller to make a complete purchase or partial. A big percentage of the sellers prefer to finance ten to thirty per cent of the loan and want buyers to get traditional financing for the rest. BGK Investments, leading mortgage brokers in California, describe a few things that you should know about seller carry back mortgages:

  •  It is a great option for those buyers who do not have perfect credit. Normally, buyers have to pay the sellers an amount or down payment towards the purchase of property. Then the buyer has to make payments monthly or in accordance with the agreement till the note is paid in full.
  •  The seller turns to be the second mortgage holder, if the buyer takes financing for the part of the loan. And if the buyer turns out to be delinquent on the mortgage note and the property goes down into the foreclosure, it is the seller who runs the risk.
  •  A seller carry back agreement usually lasts for three to five years. It lets the buyer to eradicate negative reporting on the credit record and give a proof of timely payments to the buyer.
  •  Moreover, sellers are even allowed to charge interest on seller carry back mortgages.

If you are searching for the real estate solutions for buyers and sellers then BGK Investments is there to facilitate you and to provide you the proper guideline. So, what are you waiting for, contact BGK Investments for seller carry back mortgages and get the best services.

3 Most Important Facts about Investing in Non-Performing Mortgage

If you have decided to invest in a deed of trust, you can be sure it is a great idea. The only important thing to keep in mind is that you need to understand the basics before you dive-in. BGK Investments, the leading experts on note buying and selling in California, can help you understand how to invest in non-performing mortgage or a non-performing Deed of Trust.

The most important thing is to understand the industry jargon because otherwise you would not be able to understand what is going on. A little research on the subject can help a lot. Talk to your mortgage loan broker about the ins and outs and what they would really like you to know. BGK Investments in California are highly experienced in the field of non-performing Deed of Trust investing.

The best thing about investing in non-performing mortgage is that non-performing notes are sold at huge discounts. When you invest in non-performing mortgage, you are still entitled to the real estate even if the non-performing mortgage fails to get revived. This makes the idea to invest in non-performing mortgage an excellent alternative to foreclosure.

Stay updated with what is going on in the market. Always consult an experienced mortgage broker before you decide to invest in a non-performing Deed of Trust. Your expert on how and when to invest in non-performing mortgage, BGK Investments, California can help you in this regard.

3 Amazing Ways to Profit from Non Performing Mortgages

A non-performing mortgage is the one that has not been paid and is in the danger of foreclosure by the bank or note holder. The top California property investment advisors, BGK Investments, explain how you can make the most by investing in a non-performing mortgage.

Quick Getaway
The best option when you invest in a non-performing mortgage is to get real estate at big discounts, and sell them quickly for a neat profit. The quick getaway approach offers you the great benefit avoiding delinquent homeowners.

Long Term Hold
The second approach involves buying out the earlier owners. Get them to sign a Deed in Lieu, and leave the property. Since you decided to invest in the non-performing mortgage and now own it, you avoid foreclosure fees. Now, rent the property to a tenant for a long term hold. Some people choose to sell the property quickly.

Turn It Around
This approach involves turning the non-performing property around. For example, you invest in a non performing mortgage for $50,000 but the unpaid principle is $200,000 with a 10% interest rate on the mortgage. You cut the unpaid principle in half ($100,000) and decrease the interest rate to 6%. This is now a new mortgage. After few months of timely payments by the homeowner, the non-performing mortgage you invested in becomes performing and ready to be resold to another investor.

Expert California property investment advisors, BGK Investments, specialize in distressed assets and fair business dealing if you want to invest in non-performing mortgages.