3 Biggest Advantages of Investment in Multifamily Properties over Single Family Units in California

There has always been debate over investments in multifamily properties vs. single family investment in property in California. Leading California investment property broker, BGK Investments, explains why investors choose multifamily investment properties over single family units.

Obtaining a loan is an arduous process. But it is necessary if you want to make an investment in properties in California. Imagine applying for ten different loans, if you want to invest in 10 different properties. On the other hand, you can buy a 10-unit apartment building with just a single application and a single loan. The best mortgage broker in California, BGK Investments, can help you get the best mortgage on your investment properties.

You need just one insurance policy to cover your investment when you buy a multifamily property as compared to different policies and separate paperwork for each in single family units. The best California investment property expert, BGK Investments, can guide you in making the right decisions about investment properties in California.

Multifamily properties are valued differently than single family units when it comes to investment properties. The value of commercial properties depends on the return on investment they bring to their owners. This value depends on rental income and other variables that can be controlled internally. This makes the valuation more predictable that single units.

For great advice and investment properties deals, ask the best broker in California, BGK Investments and get great return on your California investment property.

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